Spectra Maestro | Spectra Cloud Image Exchange | Spectra image viewer | versatile DICOM image viewer

Spectra Maestro is an HTML 5 DICOM viewer, which supports multiple modalities.

Spectra provides diagnostic quality imaging, measurement tools, reports and other imaging functionalities. By allowing easy accessibility and viewing of DICOM medical images on smartphones and tablets, it comes in handy to doctors, radiologists, caregivers and patients alike.

Unique Features of Spectra

Rule Based Routing

Spectra allows you to route studies by a number of DICOM tags including status, modality, physician name and more.

HIS Integration

By integrating with your healthcare facility’s Hospital Information System (HIS), Spectra makes everything from worklists to reports easier and connected more seamlessly.

Modality Worklist (MWL)

This feature eliminates dual entries by making patient demographic information available at a modality. With this feature, retyping patient demographic and scheduling information is eliminated.

It also provides a worklist to ensure accurate patient demographic data and and data integrity for each study.

Worklist Management

This feature enables you to create DICOM worklists from existing procedures or create new orders and procedures for testing modalities.

Other DICOM Services

Other common DICOM services of Spectra include Verification, Management Console, Storage Manager, Query/Retrieve, Print and Modality Performed Procedure/Steps

Radiologist Workbench

Spectra comes with an in-built radiologist’s workbench which harnesses data science to enable radiologists to report on the images, access previous images and reports. Thoughtfully constructed reporting templates are available in a click, along with windowing tools, reference links, presets, annotations, and the ability to create both preliminary and final reports.

Why Choose

  • For Hospitals & Imaging Centers

    • With virtually no costs for film and report printing, packaging, CD burning, storage and distribution, the first and most important benefit Spectra offers hospitals and imaging centers is cost reduction.
    • By going digital with filmless and paperless solutions, hospitals and imaging centers using Spectra can also boast of environmental friendliness and adherence to government regulations.
    • Thirdly, it increases convenience by making it possible to share images and reports electronically and securely with both patients and clinicians.
  • For Clinicians

    • Clinicians and doctors can easily access patient records on the web or using their smartphones or tablets.
    • Spectra also facilitates accurate diagnoses by displaying the complete set of images taken for a patient.
    • By reducing medical errors, Spectra also ensures that prescriptions and treatment suggestions are safer and more reliable.
  • For Patients

    • With Spectra, patients no longer need to waste time waiting to collect films and reports. Instead, they can walk away soon after the tests and still have access to information. There is also never the problem of forgetting to bring along reports while visiting doctors - simply because there will be no physical records that need to be carried.
    • With simple sharing options, getting a second opinion from a different physician before going in for treatment is also made easier.
    • By downloading and storing these images, patients can use it at any time in the future while referring to their medical history.

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