Smart Reports by ABI Health

Smart Reports is a futuristic reporting service for clinical laboratories to transform mundane lab report information into an interactive HTML report.

Smart Reports use a RESTful interface to receive, process and transform lab report data. In addition to being easily accessible due to its online format, Smart Reports also contain various patient-centred interactive elements that provide easy-to-understand information, quite contrary to traditional reports that are physician-centric and difficult to comprehend by the layman.

Unique Features of Smart Reports

Interpretation Notes

Information and insights - in layman’s terms - about what each test is meant for and what the values represent

Investigation Trends

Graphical charts generated from patient tests results to demonstrate the variance in results between tests taken at different points of time

Range Bars

Color-coded range bars for instantaneous understanding of test result values in comparison to the normal value and their degree of difference

Peer Comparisons

Graphically represented data on the overall status of people belonging to the same age group, sex or region along the same health parameters

Multimedia Content

Short videos which provide awareness, offer recommendations or advertise special offers


Integration with a range of online portals (including live chat) for instant connection between the lab and clients

Why Choose
Smart Reports?

  • Artificial Intelligence

    ABI Health has access to enormous volumes of anonymized big data through our products and services that cater to different types of stakeholders within the healthcare industry. With expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, this data is used to chart patterns related to health trends for different age groups - which is then fed into Smart Reports.

  • 360° User Engagement

    With the engaging loop created by Smart Reports, you can stay connected with clients, even after they walk out of the lab. The live chat, email and WhatsApp integration functionalities can be used to continuously and instantly interact with clients.

  • Powerful Interactions

    Smart Reports engage patients in a user-friendly, approachable and informative manner. They also benefit patients by helping them track their health status in comparison to their own history of test results and gain a holistic understanding of their health status through graphical comparisons, interpretation notes and more to improve the overall client experience.

  • Revenue Generation

    The video window is your free ad space - and Smart Reports is your new distribution channel - to creatively package and deliver targeted advertisements in multimedia formats, promote upcoming offers and provide discounts to returning patients or their families. Moreover, by delivering mobile-friendly reports to the digital generation, at their fingertips, you are sure to grow your network and, inevitably, your revenue!

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