ABI Health

ABI Health


Radiology at the tips of your fingers. Anywhere access, anytime diagnosis, and simple, intuitive control across all methods of examination. SPECTRA mates the power of the Lab to the handiness of your device.Never be left in the dark again.

Keeping abreast with the conversations in the world of mobile applications and developments,  mHealth would not be a new term to us. mHealth is a term used for practice of public healthcare and medicine supported by mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) with apps that help patients  track, engage in, or analyze their health.

7 Other mHealth Technologies

1. Patient monitoring devices
2. Mobile telemedicine/telecare devices
3. MP3 players for mLearning
4. Microcomputers
5. Data collection software
6. Mobile Operating System Technology
7. Mobile applications

ABI Revolutionize Home Care Management By Delivering

  • Home based Health screening and assessments
  • Ability to access clinical results being at home
  • Targeted one-on-one care
  • Addresses mobility and commuting challenges
  • Real-time monitoring and supervision
  • Privacy and Security

Home Health

ABI home health and wellness application can be a milestone in helping you achieve and maintain good health through well-designed health screening, health check-up routines and personalized treatment plans. With Home health evidence based treatment plan can significantly streamline your approach towards healthy lifestyle and improve the patient’s quality of life and also delay the onset of the diseases. The primary objective of ABI Home Health platform is to enable patients to achieve and maintain optimal care at home.