ABI Health

ABI Health

Spectra Cloud Image Exchange & Image Management Solution

One of the Diagnostics Center in Bangalore Upgrades To Spectra Imaging, Automates Radiology Department Workflow, Allows Doctors To Access Medical Images From Mobile Devices & Tablets At Much Affordable Cost And Prioritizes Patient Centric Care Through Real-Time Image Sharing



Live Doctor solution allows Patients to access large Pool of verified Doctors through online video calls/audio calls and chat and receive their e prescriptions online. It has Responsive UI/UX design for web and mobile applications. E prescription module to allow Verified doctors to fill e-prescriptions for their patients online and send the prescriptions to Patient and their preferred Pharmacies through email. This solution enhances the reach of personalized care to a larger population allowing Patients to get access to Quality care provider and receive the medical attention during emergency situations.


Web & Mobile

Available both In Laptop and Smartphone ( in Android & iOS Platforms)


Integrated EHR services

Enables Doctors to access Patients medical history for better treatment Plan



Has been designed to ensure the security of sensitive data. At the same time its architectural efficiently deploys required information when requested with its unique Protocol.

Live Doctor

Doctor Visits are easier than ever with the New "Live Doctor App"


Now you can visit the Board certified Doctors and Licensed Therapist anytime , anywhere by Video or Phone


  • Talk to a Doctor or Therapist from your Smartphone
  • Appointments available by Video or Phone
  • Private Secure and confidential Visit.
  • Payment Module Integrated.