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Spectra Cloud Image Exchange & Image Management Solution

One of the Diagnostics Center in Bangalore Upgrades To Spectra Imaging, Automates Radiology Department Workflow, Allows Doctors To Access Medical Images From Mobile Devices & Tablets At Much Affordable Cost And Prioritizes Patient Centric Care Through Real-Time Image Sharing


Imaging Center Limitations

  • Complex Imaging Workflow
  • No Access to Images and Reports From Off-Premise
  • Limited Access to Priors and Studies
  • Dependent on Film Printing, CD Burning and Hard Copy Reports
  • Long-Term Archival Challenges
  • Scalability Issues

Imaging Solution Provided

  • Spectra Cloud Image Share
  • Zero-Foot Print Web Viewer
  • Multi-Modality Web Viewer
  • Mobile/Tablet Compatible
  • Rapid Scalability
  • Privacy & Compliance

Result Outcome

  • Anytime Access to Medical Images
  • Seamless Access To Images Over the Web
  • Faster Turn-Around
  • 40% Reduction in Patient waiting time
  • 88% Reduction in Film Printing & 65% Reduction in CD Burning
  • Imaging On-The -Go
  • Avoid Repeat Scans
  • Improved Patient Service
  • Increased Productivity & RoI

A Diagnostic Center | Bangalore, India Overview

This Diagnostic Center is situated at the heart of the IT capital Bangalore, Karnataka. Facilities available at this particular diagnostic center are the state of the art & latest MRI 1.5 tesla with advanced software, 3D and 4D Ultrasonography, Dual Slice CT Scan, Digital X-Ray, BMD, Mammography, Dental OPG & CBCT, Complete laboratory procedures.

Performing more imaging exams annually than any other imaging center in Bangalore, it is imperative for this Diagnostics to have a reliable method of image transmission, viewing, accessibility and storage. The biggest challenge was treating emergency referral patients traveling to the center with the conditions pertaining to ensure immediate access to imaging studies by referring Radiologist/Physicians for clinical and critical decision making.

With over 300+ physicians and 150+ referring facilities, it was crucial that the Diagnostics provides physicians with real-time access to medical images in order to appropriately plan for patient centric care.

Spectra Image Share at the Diagnostic Center

This Diagnostics opted for Spectra Image Share solution as its new digital imaging partner based upon the Spectra's extensive features and tremendous cost savings potential. Spectra imagingoffers completely web based solution for image transmission, sharing and accessing combined with a secure web portal, cross-platform viewing, customizable work list and reporting tools, Medical image management, secure image archiving and productive support in a cost efficient fee per study model. Not only could this Diagnostic center upgrade their radiology department to better serve referring physicians and patients, they no longer had to fund a large capital investment in terms of imaging server maintenance and storage management.

Spectraportal allows authorized users to access patient studies from any browser enabled device be it Desktop/Laptop, Smartphones and Tablets with internet access in real-time. Studies carried out in the imaging center are encrypted and uploaded within minutes of completion to a secure Spectra cloud server. Following this event, an automated email with image access link is sent across to concerned physicians to enable immediate access to images via Spectra web viewer. Physicians also receive automated alert SMS with image access link.

From there, the images and reports can be reviewed and assessed by Spectra portal registered users. With Spectra's advanced imaging tools, imaging specialists can annotate, interpret and report imaging studies on the go. This technology allows the 'peer review' of studies among the community or with the enterprise collaborative sharing. Accessing medical images in this way is very convenient for the radiologists and time efficient for handling more imaging studies.

Spectra Web viewer allows physicians, to view patient images and reports online-anywhere, anytime.

The Spectra image share has proven to be patient-driven, secure, and widely accepted among referring physicians. With superior performance and service, This Diagnostics plans to continue using Spectra Imaging Portal for Laboratory reports sharing on real-time integrated with LIS application eventually bringing patients into the network so they can access their own data and share directly with hospitals.